BEWundern (Admiring)


Concurrent with the opening of the „Bürgerliche Kunstkammer“ (chamber of civil art) in the Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum, students of the faculty of architecture at RWTH Aachen University developed drafts and models in imitation of the „Kunst-und-Wunderkammer-Prinzip“ (principle of the chamber of art and wonder).

Outstanding drafts have been produced, which put forward new concepts of spatial perception of the presented objects.

So where could these works be better exhibited than in the immediate vicinity of the newly instated chamber of civil art in the Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum?

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Music Lab

Black light room

In the context of the Music Lab – the symphonic orchestra Aachen at the RWTH – the LfP (Department for Sculptural Design) arranges a video presentation with students of architecture in their second semester, which visually interprets Peter Maxwell Davies’ music with references to the works of Paul Klee as a blacklight performance during the concert. Moreover, the Italian dancer Marika Neoli will enact citations taken from the video in a live dance performance. She will wear costumes designed for her in a seminar at the Department for Sculptural Design.

Konzert: Shapes and Colors

Thu., March 30, 2017 at 8 p.m.

AachenMünchener Halle (Aula), Templergraben 55

For more information on the concert series, click here.

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M1 Project SoSe 17

Les Dialogues des Carmélites

Les Dialogues des Carmélites

I am pleased to be able to offer the topic “scenography” as M 1 module in the scope of drafting opportunities of the generalist job profile of the “architect” during the summer semester of 2017. The topic deals with the stage design of the opera “Dialogues des Carmélites”.

In how far stage design and architecture are both coined by the idea of the scenical is not only shown in the fact that many architects are and were also great stage designers: Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Hans Poelzig, Fritz Schumacher and many others. They represent the close bond of architecture and its ephemeral sister, the transitory art of stage design.

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Digital Me

digital portraits

Under the title of “Digital Me”, Dipl. Ing. Joost Meyer has been researching the common ground of conventional/manual schulpturing and the digital sculpturing in 3-D graphics software in cooperation with students for multiple semesters. The topic for these bilateral experiements is “Self-Portrait”.

For this, students each designed a portrait out of clay, which was then reproduced using the digital method and plotted in 3-D. Evaluations on the aesthetic effect of the results and on the self-monitoring of the modelers have been made. For more information on the project, click here.

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Whale Watching

Whale sculpture in front of the Super-C

During the Pfingstwoche (Pentecost week), under the supervision of Prof. Schulze, the sculpture of a blue whale was created in front of the Super C. A total number of 17 students drafted and built the walk-through construction from roof laths and plastic foil in just 5 days. Click here for the video report by the Aachener Nachrichten (Aachen News)

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