Project Room


Universal Room

Students, who are lucky, because they are allowed to comminute Styrofoam Copyright: Elaine Yew universal room at the "Bildhaueratelier" Wüllnerstraße (1. floor)

The universal room is simultaneously a studio, model workshop, think tank and place for presentations. Equipped with a buzz- and fretsaw, styrocut and many tools, the room offers space for form-finding experiments with different materials, not always having a certain outcome…! Sometimes, the room is loud – like in the seminars for silversmithing – sometimes, it is hot – when tin is casted. The thing that is obligatory, though, is the styrofoam battles which are fought in a quietly trickling way. Kontakt


Studio For Plaster

Studio For Plaster Copyright: lfp Plaster workshop at the sculptors studio

The studio for plaster owns the universitality of a central lab since it is possible to operate with plaster in form-giving principles and methods. Within this lab, a situation like on a construction site is established: the working concepts meets in a dusty atmosphere, being able to realize and materialize it. Modelling, constructing forms and casting process belong to this as well. You are supposed to wear working clothes, triggering a completely different set of skills and abilities compared to the academic daily routine due to the physical commitment. Kontakt


Studio for Wood

Woodcutting Copyright: lfp Woodcutting at the sculptors studio

In the studio for wood, individual and unique items are created, „custom-made suits“ of subjective imagination. Stored limewood planks or stem wood is the commodity which is used to work out new forms with the help of manual work (or, to be more specific, chisels and wooden clubs). In the main focus, there is the clarity and rigor of the form-giving process and their technical execution. The naturality of the material, growing direction and grain are features that flow into the design; the workpiece gains an individual story on top of the form and function. Kontakt


Studio for Plastics

Plasticsculptures Copyright: lfp Studio for plastics - next to the studio for ceramics

In the studio for plastics, different methods of casting and laminating are performed. These are needed in order to create plastic works, design-dummys and prototypes. Here, materials like polyutherane, silicons, resin of polyester or epoxy are used. The aim of the studio for plastics is to realize objects of special forms, features and resilience. When it is getting hot, foaming or you are able to watch the process of hardening, there is a little „magic kit chemistry“ in the air. Kontakt


Studio For Metal

Student working with a drill mashine Copyright: lfp Studio For Metal at the "Containerdorf"

The creative dealing with metal requires a variety of skills that are offered and practiced in the studio for metal: Methods for reshaping, mating and severing, several techniques of welding, hard and soft soldering techniques, linking with the help of screws, rivets and gluing. Tools like welding torches, cold circular saws, angle grinders and fixed blades are available. In the field of architecture, the material steel is an essential material. That is why the direct contact and involvement is of particular importance. Kontakt


Studio For Ceramics

view into the ceramic workshop Copyright: lfp Studio for ceramics at the "Containerdorf"

Working with clay requires dealing with the basic elements earth, water, air and fire. The process of forming, drying and burning ceramics is complex since the will of design correlates with a certain time sequence and natural processes whose own dynamics should not be underestimated. Here, theory and the joy of experiments always need to be in an alliance. Free modelling, coil-type vessels, pouring ceramics as well as the processing of porcelain are offered in courses in projects. Kontakt


Studio For Stone

Studio For Stone Copyright: lfp Studio for stone at the Reiff courtyard

Stone and architecture are connected by an invisible bond that is considered to be as inseperable as long as anyone can remember. Despite its resistance, this material is held in great esteem by the students due to its formable and aesthetic features with specific qualities. The exuded vitality of a sculpture seems to be contradicting to the bluff raw block which is the starting point of the work. Connected to the stone yard, there is a studio in which courses for portrayal and nude modelling are offered. Kontakt