The course „Basics of sculptural design“ is a basic course in different materials and different studios. It is part of the obligatory module „Design and Illustration“. You participate in a course and a workshop where you create artistic works. You have the possibility to choose between materials and studios. Since the available seats for a workshop is limited, they are assigned by lots in case of doubt. The exercises are grade das well; for both exercises, you write a work report which is also graded. In the summer semester, you have to visit a series of lectures. At the end of the second semester, there will be a portfolio examination in the basis of the work report. The grades for both exercises and the work report make up 1/3 each of the overall grade in the sculptural design. This grade will flow proportionally into the the final module grade of „Design and Illustration“.

Working in the Department of Sculptural Design

In the department’s studios, wearing safety boots is obligatory (class S2). You can afford these in a hardware store, a shop specialized in working safety or via the internet. Please keep in mind to wear robust work gear. Also, pay attention to be on time during the course dates. If you can not attend a course due to sickness, you will have to prove the absence with a medical certificate. In this case, you are allowed to make up for the missed session. Please remember to bring your drawing pencils, cutter, scissors, triangle and your digital camera to the course.

Material costs

The material costs for the first year add up to 40 Euro. Please deposit it in the time from 19.10.2015 to 31.10.2015 in the secretary office at Mrs. Königs. Opening hours: Tu,Thu,Fr 09-13; We 13.30-16; Mo closed.