Silver Smithery

  handmade silver jewellery lfp

In this seminar, basic technical and artistic terms of the silver smithery are taught and practised. After an own draft, the students create a piece of jeweley that can also be understood as a miniature piece of sculptural design.

Costs: 70 - 100 Euro
The price of the material depends on the up-to-the-minute development of the noble metal's price; also, the size of the planned objects influences this.

Material: Silver; Pre-studies made of copper

Place: Studio Wüllnerstraße - Universal room

Monday: 13:00 to 16:00 pm

Start: 19.04.2017

Supervisor: Andreas Echelmeyer

Bitte beachten sie vor ihrer Anmeldung auch unsere Hinweise zur Arbeitssicherheit


M.Sc. Arch: Wahlmodul 4 und 5

M.Sc. Stadt: Wahlmodul 5