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  3D-graphics LfP  

Digital_me the self-portrait in the area of conflict of manual and digital design.

Location: Steinhof

Workshop date: Fridays, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

First date: Friday, October 20, 2017 at 10 a.m. in the Steinhof

Supervisor: Joost Meyer and guest lecturer Federico Garrido (Buenos Aires/Kaiserslautern)

Modules: M.Sc. Architecture: research fields I and II; M.Sc. Stadt (city) research field

Place: stone court

Betreuer: Joost Meyer

Modules: M. Sc. Arch.: „Forschungsfelder I und II“


About the research project Digital_Me

Exhibition 3D plot LfP 3D Graphic

Starting point is the manual labor with artistic methods. Occupation with one’s own “me” is a contemporary topic from a sociocultural perspective. Occupation with human proportion as measurement in architecture is also part of it: In the sense of critical self-perception in a spatial setting, which needs to confront new controversial questions in the light of possibilities and limitations of the digital age and virtual reality.

The dealing with the results of this manually digitalized modeling work is going to be foregrounded. The results will provoke elementary, semantic questions: Can a sculptural experience be repeated virtually? What role do the tools, the material and the dimension play? What expression can be conveyed through digitally designed objects that have been brought back to the physical world by 3D printing? And, which previously made aesthetic experiences are relevant enough to be adopted in the more and more digital work environment?

After an introduction into methods of scientific work, especially into the empirical field research with participating observation, each participant chooses an individual specialization, which he or she approaches independently:

- Artistic (sculptural) ways of illustration with digital techniques

- Technological possibilities of digital-artistic illustration (3D printing and other methods)

- Description of process and transfer in the interaction of manual and digital applications