Wood & Steel - a stool of confidence

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A designer stool made from wood, steel or a combination of both

This seminar deals with the design of a stool and the fabrication of set stool in our workshops. In the area of metal, different steel profiles like round steel, square and round tubes, wire or steel sheets are provided. The wooden stools are to be manufactured from parts of tree trunks, which should mainly be whittled by hand though different tools (saws, grinding machines) are employed as well. Combinations of the two materials are also possible – for instance, a steel construction could be combined with a seat made from solid wood.

The term “stool” also defines the size of the design that is aimed for: important aspects are comfort, proportion, unity of form and material, as well as practicality. Form and function are to be formulated as a sculpturally coherent overall statement. Artistic-sculptural forms, of course, have their own qualification and cultural tradition. For while the construction is the main attraction of the steel stool, the wooden option might offer motives – geometric, organic or figural forms might shape the stool.

Location: Atelier Wüllnerstraße, Holzbildhauerei, Metallwerkstatt

Thursday: 10:00 bis 13:00 Uhr

Starting date: 20.04.2017

Supervisor: Axel Friedrich Bedenikt Baum Michael Staack

Please pay attention to our advices for occupational safety before signing in the course


M.Sc. Arch: Sondergebiete des Gestaltens und Darstellens; Wahlmodul 4 und 5

M.Sc. Stadt: Sondergebiete des Gestaltens und Darstellens; Wahlmodul 5